Stylish Women Winter Boots

The modern women winter boots come in various trendy designs, are warm, light and comfortable, exudes confidence with every step and compliments the fashion styles. Household names such as UGG winter boots, Sorel and Timberland snow boots are hot favorites every winter.

Women Winter Boots – Some popular brands of winter boots for women

UGG winter boots – UGG  is world famous for their genuine sheepskin boots with EVA light and flexible outsole, with excellent traction as well as noted for keeping feet warm and dry in winter and cool during hotter days. Sheepskin are known for their insulating properties, odor-free and has the ability to wick away moisture, thus keeping your feet warm during winter and cool during summer. Sheepskin make great warm winter boots.

UGG Adirondack Boot II

Quality materials and workmanship, warmth and comfort are their star attractions.

With their wide range of colors and designs for ankle height, mid calf and knee high winter boots, with their UGG classic boots range and cold weather boots that are worn under harsh winter conditions, such as the UGG Adirondack with its full-grained waterproof leather, you can definitely find a suitable pair that satisfy all your requirements.

Sorel winter boots – Sorel is highly sought after for their high quality snow boots. Known for their ruggedness and cold protection, their cold weather boots with multi-patterned tread outsoles for enhanced traction and thick interior padding with soft lining, are ideal for keeping the warmth in and the cold out.

Models such as the Sorel Snowlion comes with handcrafted rubber shell to keep out the snow and are rated to minus 40 degrees. Walk out with confidence, in comfort and style knowing that your Sorel snow boots will protect your feet from the harsh bitter cold.Timberland Earthkeepers Duck Boots

Timberland winter boots –  are known for producing premium snow boots and hiking boots for the winter season. With their high industry standards for craftsmanship, durability and protection, their boots offer excellent comfort, warmth and traction on slippery icy surfaces and wet, muddy slush conditions.

Timberland snow boots use both sustainable and recycled materials, as well as its footwear packaging. With their premium waterproof leather to keep out the winter snow and green rubber lug out soles promising durability and superior traction, grace your feet with a pair of strong and rugged Timberland snow boots this winter, among the best waterproof boots for women.

Women Winter Boots – Common Types

Casual Winter Boots :

Waterproof suede, rubber & ethyl venyl acetate are the primary materials of  casual boots. The suede is generally used to cover the upper portion of the boots and issorel cumberland responsible for its waterproof property. The ethyl venyl acetate which covers the shank of the boots also offers tight support to its mid sole, while the outside sole is made from rubber which is responsible for its powerful traction.

Cute winter boots with faux fur trimmings are also popular as are lace up boots.

Insulated Winter Boots:

The best thing about insulated winter boots is its impressive reliability. This type of boots can be used in both cold and extremely snowy condition. Its outside sole is mostly made from rubber that provides traction in both slippery and wet surface. Insulated winter boots are also more comfortable to wear thanks to its insole design, which helps keep the feet warm even at sub zero condition. The Sorel Cumberland with its 200gm Thinsulate insulation and Thermal rubber lug outsole keeps your feet warm and cozy under the most extreme winter conditions.

Winter Riding Boots:

The outside sole of a winter riding boots are mostly made from duralon which helps improves the lifespan significantly. In all types of women winter boots, the winter riding boots is known to outlast all other types of boots. The upper portion of the boots is also made from hydro-tech material responsible for its water-tolerance property. Its elastic stretch feature also provides an ideal fit, while its stirrup control system and steel shanks feature provide extra traction to its wearer. Black riding boots have always been a common favorite among women.

Put on your best women winter boots and enjoy your winter fun.